The University gives great priority to its distinctive tradition in teacher education. By taking a lead for the whole country by carrying out the “Practical Teaching Support Project for the ‘Red Land’ ”, the University has been chosen as a national experimental school for the implementation of the “Plan for the Support of Rural Teachers”. It has become the cradle for nurturing the talents of Jiangxi’s school teachers, the base for training the key teachers in the province, and the engine of reform and development in school education. Altogether it trains and sends out more than ten thousand teachers to schools of all kinds and at all levels, both in Jiangxi and in other provinces. Among them are many who have become the leading forces in middle schools, primary schools and educational administrations. The University advocates the integration of subject education and teacher education, academic training and teacher training, and the cooperation among the University, local government, primary-and-secondary schools. Up to now, it has established a practice-oriented course-teaching system, a ability-oriented practice-teaching system, and a competence-oriented teacher-training system. The University received approval for two “Excellent Teacher Training Project” sponsored by the Ministry of Education, two national-level quality course in Teacher Education, one national level demonstration center of experimental teaching in teacher education, and one outside-school practical base for college students majored in teacher education. In 2017, the school was selected by the Ministry of Education to “Promote the Implementation of Outstanding Middle School Teacher Training” project university. In 2018, the school won one first prize (second unit) and two second prizes (including one second unit) in the National Education Achievement Award for Basic Education. Since 2013, the University initiated the first tuition-free teacher training programme at bachelor-degree level in Jiangxi Province. The University took the lead in launching the “Training Activities for Teachers of Music, Sports and Fine Arts Majors in Rural Primary Schools” from 2017. The Jiangxi Teacher Website sponsored by the University leads other similar websites in the Province in terms of daily visits, effectively serving and leading the basic education reforms, and the professional development of primary-and-secondary school teachers in the Province. The office of online examination for primary-and-secondary school teaching license, the executive office of national primary-and-secondary school teacher training project, the office of IT competence enhancement project for primary-and-secondary school teachers in the Province are based in the University. The University undertakes the development of examination outline for primary-and-secondary school teaching positions, and the online workshop for primary-and-secondary schools teachers( kindergarten teachers) in the province.

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