The University has the right to grant doctoral degrees, as well as it is the first batch of colleges or universities which are authorized to grant bachelor’s and master’s degrees throughout China. JXNU offers degrees in Philosophy, Economics, Law, Education, Literature, History, Science, Engineering, Management, and Fine Arts. There are 23 colleges under the University, in addition to an independent college (College of Science and Technology), with 89 bachelor’s degree programs. It has 9 disciplines in which it is authorized to grant doctoral degrees at the highest level (Marxist Theory, Chinese Language and Literature, Chemistry, Psychology, Education, History of China, Mathematics, Geography, and Management Science and Engineering), 5 mobile post-doctoral stations, 31 disciplines in which it is authorized to grant master’s degrees at the first level, and 17 other programs which may grant professional master’s degrees. Marxist Theory, Chemistry, Psychology, and Chinese Language and Literature are selected as the first-class disciplines of Jiangxi province. One discipline (Chemistry) enters global top 100 according to the Essential Science Indicators. The discipline of Marxist Theory graded at the level of A, and Education, Psychology, Chinese Language and Literature, Mathematics and Chemistry graded at the level of B in the fourth round of subject evaluation.

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